Battery Regeneration

Pontus Technology Limited AKA Battery Physicians. Regenerates weak, sulphated and dead batteries back to its original manufacturer position.

Our unique battery regeneration technology converts inert sulphate crystals in tired and sulphate lead batteries into active material. It’s restore lost capacity and extends the life span of the battery. It regenerates the battery by the means of carefully controlled current pulse which efficiently and gently convert inactive crystal into active material.  Our unique technology gives your batteries a second life line.

To assure quality and adequate certification. We ensure that your batteries are in good shape before returning back to you else we advise for a change if regeneration fails. We ensure that the regeneration fee is paid after proper confirmation that the batteries are back in good shape.

Battery Regeneration


Why Battery Regeneration ?

To restore and reposition your weak batteries to its original new state

To reduce the cost of acquiring new batteries

To provide a constant maintenance to your solar, inverter  and batteries

To enable you optimized the purpose of investing huge amount on renewable energy

We have successfully achieve total renewability in all renewable energy package.

Pontus Regeneration Capacities

We restore all kinds of lead-acid batteries if any cell was not physically damaged

Remove sulfate crystal on the plates entirely by the optimized real high-frequency regeneration pulse.

Regenerate up to 90-110% capacity comparing with new battery’s capacity (except disposal state of physical cell damages

Extend battery’s life spans up to 2-3times longer and delay by the battery’s aging process

Save much costs of battery regenerate.

Why Regeneration of Dead Batteries?

When sulphation accumulates, a lead-acid batteries generates the sulphation on the grid inside the cell, this hindered a the current and a electron transfer to lower the cell functions. As a result the battery capacity decrees gradually. Our technology has the ability to restore batteries to be wasted due to capacity lowers by sulphation into a new battery capacity.

Can Pontus Technology Restores all Batteries?

Battery dies permanently when the battery cell is cut or shortened by grid corrosion, short-circuit, hardening  etc. otherwise the battery becomes temporary drops off active material of grid, decreases sulfuric acid by non-conductor. Faulty battery charge and electrolyte overflow, decreases the weight b the increase of internal temperature and evaporates electrolyte. These cause the battery to corrode and oxidize. It leads the battery to lose of function as a result the battery cannot work anymore.

When is the best time to regenerate battery?

Batteries can be regenerated anytime but the best time for is when the battery has lost 30/50% of its capacity. Then is usually very much possible to recover up to 100%.

Steps to Regeneration

Step 1.  Collection

Step 2.  Cleaning and Analyzing of batteries

Step 3.  Regeneration

Step 4.  2nd Analysis

Step 5.  Delivery and putting to use.


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